The History Of

Faith Worship Center Ministries

In early 1981 a recently born-again Leah Linzey met Anthony Blackman and through a long distance relationship she was instrumental in leading Anthony to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The two joined in Holy Matrimony on October 1,1983 and are now the proud parents of three sons, Anthony Jr., Benjamin and Joseph.  While under the tutelage of Pastor Don C. Sylvestri of Christ Union Faith Fellowship of Mountain View, CA, Pastor Blackman received a definitive call by God to five fold ministry. The rest is history and the journey began.

With a rare unexpected desire to return to his hometown of Pittsburg, CA, Pastor Anthony and Leah began making a weekly sixty mile commute from Milpitas, CA to the home of his parents, Benjamin and Bessie Blackman to teach bible studies. There were a couple of years of figuring out God’s plan, however by January of 1989 the once home bible study was now thriving in a 1,500 sq.ft. store front facility at 3821 Shopping Heights Lane. The official articles of incorporation were filed and established Faith Worship Center and Anthony E. Blackman as founder.

It wasn’t long before all 58 steel fold-up chairs were occupied and the tiny 300sq.ft. “dungeon” we used in the back for children’s church put demands on Pastors Anthony and Leah. While determined to find a larger, more adequate facility and also desiring to be a full-time minister, Pastor Blackman was laid off from his secular employment. This was May of 1991. It was then we were blessed to obtain a lease for a 3,600 sq.ft. renovated building formerly known as the Department of Motor Vehicles. Although there were often constant faith challenges and tests, the Blackman’s now with many supporting parishioners kept pressing and declaring the will of God. One declaration was we would only be in the old DMV building at 4011 Railroad Avenue for 3 years. In 1994 we obtained a lease for a 6,400 sq.ft. warehouse at 501 Harbor Court in Pittsburg.

The members renovated the warehouse to having classrooms, offices, multi-purpose quarters and a beautiful sanctuary housing 200 brand new church chairs, on plush carpet and a staged pulpit accommodating singers and musicians on the side. By this time “Revelation Knowledge” our weekly television broadcast was on seven stations throughout Central and Northern California. Lives were changing and much impact was being made.

As we grew in numbers and in the grace and knowledge of God, auxiliaries evolved and goals were expanding. As faithful stewards, it was apparent to no longer continue using God’s people’s money for leasing. Through much prayerful seeking, Pastor Blackman began declaring that we would buy our property and build our facility from the ground up. We bought two acres of property in 2000 and paid it off. We left 501 Harbor Court in April of 2002 not because of the widening of Highway 4, which some thought, but because we began our building project and decided to utilize the Pittsburg Boys and Girls Club during the interim.

Through highs and lows and adverse challenges from city authorities, contractors, architects, banks, etc., unexpectedly it was six years in the Boys and Girls Club. After over 160 members deserted us, the miracles began. We raised and spent $1.5M prior to ever breaking ground on our property. After finally obtaining our building permit, in one year the construction of our brand new 17,500sq.ft., $3.6M edifice was complete. On May 19, 2008 we entered our own place of worship.

We appreciate all those along the journey, present and past. And we thank God for every physical, monetary and spiritual contribution.

Today many new members have joined. We’re broadcasting and reaching thousands weekly through the internet on the Faith Worship Center Ministries Facebook page, Pastor Blackman’s BFABP (Believers From A Biblical Perspective) Facebook page and YouTube sites with followers and subscribers across the country and internationally.

Pastor Blackman has authored several books, has his own publishing firm and is a songwriter of several anointed copyrighted songs used regularly in praise and worship services.

Pastor Leah Blackman holds our standard of excellence. She’s the operations manager and a beautiful, passionate servant of God and His people. Not your typical First Lady, Pastor Leah is often found behind the scene and working with the children of the kingdom. Her influence on young people goes beyond the walls of the church. Although she erected our dynamic youth ministry which is now excelling under our ordained Youth Pastors, she has also volunteered extensively with local schools working in and outside of the classroom, demonstrating love and respect while providing discipline and a moral compass with a firm hand. Her involvement in Faith Worship Center Ministries is invaluable.

The Blackman’s clever, no-nonsense approach toward kingdom advancement has sustained them and furthered the lives of thousands. As Pastor Blackman would say, at this juncture of 30 years in ministry, “we’ve never been a day late or a dollar short”.

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